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Σημείωση:   Σύνδεση για να σου επιτρεπεί να αφησεις σχόλια ή να γράψεις κριτική.

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Κριτική: is Scam !!!!!!!!!!
be careful and save your money, they close project and after payment everything changing, this is unprofessional company. they promises licenses but after they put just logo of licenses that not valid for nothing spacial not for charge money. than they change the Mountly cost and want 3,000 euro per mount (they told this payment only after you made payment and website is up , so you have the choice to pay them 3K euro each mount or loss your website and what you invest in the beginning.
if you want to save your money, avoid from this joke company in Greece (this one is from Salonika) .

***** BE AWARE*****
***** BE AWARE*****
This company act as fraud company, they give low price at beginning. Once you pay all problem start to come.�
the promises one thing, after you pay, all things change such as prices cost and all, they just wanted to take the front payment. If you want loss your full money feel free to contact this company!!!
as result i advice even to be safe and not deal any kind of those Greek providers. we lost 20K Euro in 4 mount and decide to drop this project because choosing this unprofessional casino provider.

Posted by: JOEY     Dated: 06-09-2020 11:47AM
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